Business Portraits: Studio. On Location. Home. A complete set of Business Portraits  demands for different requirements. On the one hand „you“ have to show a professional head shot in different online networks, then again your photos should transfer a feeling about character, personality, look and style. Professional in all details. That supports trust and trustworthyness. Details are important and make the difference. Depend on the job „you“ do, the photos should tell the right story. With it „you“ take influence global perception advance. For that the advice to be more carefully about photos you publish in social media without controlling. Today it is easy to follow some- body and to find out „what and who some- one“ is in real? Don‘t take this advice too nonchalant. To find the right individual idea a pre-talk is always required. The later “story“  includes 2 main themes. Formal visuals and casual visuals. We will photograph a story on different locations with different outfits and scenes. We can organise that during one complete day or we arrange two appointments. If „you“ are also regular work in a home office, this is a additional topic. A Business Portrait is visual statement. Why? You show face. And what you show is your decision. Therefore it is serious. Costs: Pure formal Business Portrait with two outfits (formal/casual) including Head Shots: 2 different scenes and locations, clients choose: Office, Home Office, Street and Architecture- Backgrounds, Hotel, Golf Course or others… Per half day: 4.000 RMB/500,00 Euro plus technical cost. Possibly extra costs:  Travel costs or expenses. Any location is doable. Equipment and logistic. Studio Styling, Hair, Make up. All in agreement possible. Requests.
Delivery: complete net shoot, excl. retouchung,  after 3 days.