Fashion/Life Style Portrait Depend on. Somebody use it for pure private reasons or it is already a part of a self-marketing concept for (Social-) Media applications. We need to find out. For private reasons it is more an art shoot and we think in „Art Matters Stuff“. In the latter case it should support the target: „The Me becomes a brand.“ And with it it is a small part of a  > PR Story Portrait <.  We offer this as a strategic conceptual project- development. However. Also here we have to find the right idea. Which theme, which location, which style and look? And what will happen later with this photo artwork? All this influences time and effort. We offer you a pre-meeting. „You“ give us an overall impression what is expect and we say how far we can go with it. Starting fee per half day: 500,00    Euro                                            4.000,00 RMB