Master Pieces T h e  G l a s s  B o o k
Master Pieces T h e  G l a s s  B o o k
For a list of exclusive clients we produce after the shooting with selected Photographs our Master Piece. T h e  G l a s s  B o o k.
This book is in no other factory in the world available. Single Page Size: Double Page Size:
30 x 44 cm 36 x 44 cm
Cover Page and Spine of book:                      cut glass 10 double pages standard. 20 double pages max. (More detail information about the production we unfortunately will not publish. 40 percent hand made.) Single Book as a Master Piece or small edition: 50 pieces max.
Applications: PR Portrait Book Brand Collection Show Book Gallery Art Book Photo Book
Please note: The heavy weight with 20 double pages is around: 4,5 kg per book.
A production is connected with a photo shooting. Photographer: No production with external photographer artwork. Budget required.
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