Personal & Body Art
Not for digital media or social media sharing.
But for high quality prints and framed ARTWORK.
Single Piece Framed Artwork 80 x 80 cm
Here we have to make a different between this meaningless, inflationary picture- taking …and photographs they spend values for our life. Not in perfection. Because nothing and nobody is perfect. But in life-moments and memories, if we are getting older and our body shape has changed, perhaps also our character, personality and mind. „This is who I am and this is me I was…“ Personal photographs are not for sharing in social media. These photographs are only for ourself or somebody very close to us. They „talk“ with us and they tell us always a new story with every watching. Let‘s say: Photographs with soul.
Another show case: HOME STORY with Jana.
P 0 R T R A I T S