PR Story Portrait The „me“ becomes a brand.
Let‘s see the reality. Companies and products are normally brands. Some artists are a kind of brand and sometimes celebrities too. They all represent particular attributes and special features. They have this kind of „stand alone benefit“. Shining like a star in society and communities. They are who they are for their abilities, skills, statements or simply an individual style. Everybody knows them. Everybody loves them and a lot of people follow them. They have our daily full attention. But the way from a public nobody to a public somebody requires for a strategical concept with words and photos and media-presence. There is not „these one way or these one concept“. It is a always a individual way. So individual as individuals can be. But of course, there are some basic rules. Every publication or post provokes for a reaction. For that it is very first a PR-consulting theme with questions in advance: The „me“ becomes a brand. TARGETS. Individual positioning Image development Picture language Principles and rules for public presence Theme development and statements Media strategy and media content …and a lot‘s of more. It is not a sprint. It is more a marathon. It needs time and patience. And it is always an invest in yourself. Stop to publish uncontrolled selfies. This is a image killer. Start to think professional.