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Christian von der Eltz, Photographer Sen. Consultant, Creative Director. Philosophy Contact, Imprint, Requests, Booking PR Photo Art Matters Stuff + Production Christian von der Eltz …teaches composing in Photography. All photographs by Christian von der Eltz ©
PR - Portrait & Art Matters Stuff commercial PR and not commercial people business. Show case.
The story behind PR & Portrait-Photography
Photography and Photographs. Today it is a just only a regular photo shooting or a random photograph. In 10, 20…years it is art and hanging in a gallery. What is (photo)… art?
Unique Master Pieces
Artist Portraits, Jazz
The „me“ becomes a brand.
Requests just only with mail and full signature.
Portraits is not Portrait. Basically we qualify four different Portraits: Commercial PR Portrait for editorial or formal publications commercial media content Not commercial Portraits for private clients for private media content and prints Fine Art Portraits personal (Body Art) Random Portraits Street Photography Documentations Spot Portraits
All photographs by © Christian von der Eltz
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Art Galleries you should know.
Jazz Clubs you should know
Jazzi, Shanghai Hayday, Shanghai Wooden Box, Shanghai House of Blues and Jazz, Shanghai Blue Note, NY, Shaghai… Lincoln Center, NY, Shanghai
Harvey Thompson House of Blues and Jazz
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